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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Learn the basics of hardwood care with our maintenance guide. 

Daily Hardwood Care

Hardwood flooring offers simple maintenance for homeowners. By investing in a broom and putting it to use on regular basis, you can help to ensure that your hardwood flooring always looks its best. When you sweep, you actively remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can scratch, scrape, and give your hardwood a grungy look.

It is also recommended that you place mats at the entrances of your home and encourage guests always to remove their shoes. The less outside debris brought in, the better.  Furniture protectors might also prove helpful as your furniture can slide across your floors, causing scratches. 

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Hardwood floors are fairly low-maintenance, but it is still important to establish a routine to keep your floors looking their best. With the right care, hardwood floors can last a lifetime. Sweep your hardwood floors daily or every few days, depending on how much traffic is in the room. And follow the advice noted above regarding mats and removing shoes. 

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The key to spills is to act fast. Most liquid spills will wipe away simply with a cloth. So long as you address spills in a timely manner, there should be no lingering damage to your hardwood or the subflooring beneath. 

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High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas in your home will require additional care. This is best done via the methods outlined throughout this page. You may need to sweep these areas daily to ensure cleanliness. Stay diligent in cleaning your hardwood floors and they will last for a very long time.