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Carpet Care & Maintenance

Follow our carpet care guide for best practices in maintaining your flooring. 

Daily Carpet Care

The key to maintaining your carpet is investing in a quality vacuum cleaner and putting it to use regularly. How often you need to vacuum will depend on the foot traffic within the room. Some vacuum daily, while others only do it every couple of days. Vacuuming helps to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from your carpet fibers. Doing so will give your carpet a clean and crisp look while also ensuring that allergens do not fester in your fibers. 

You should also place doormats at the entrances of your home and have visitors remove outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet. It’s important to minimize the amount of dirt tracked onto your flooring, as dirt particles can damage carpet fibers.

Furniture protectors could also prove beneficial. 

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Spot Cleaning

When spills or messes happen, it's important that you address them quickly to avoid lingering damage. Spot cleaning involves absorbing the mess with a clean cloth and then using another cloth submerged in cold water to blot the mess. You may opt for a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution when doing so. 

Carpet Care Liquids | Howmar Carpet


Address liquid spills immediately to avoid long-term damage. Spot cleaning is an effective way to minimize the damage associated with liquid spills. For hard-to-handle stains, consult your manufacturer on best practices in removing such a substance. 

Carpet Care Solids | Howmar Carpet


Solid messes can often be picked up or vacuumed away. If you find that your carpet is taking on a lot, you could also opt for a professional cleaning.